About the Farm

In our two small dining rooms, we share with guests our passion for cooking which reflects the seasons and the terroir of the surrounding countryside.

We serve prix fixe menus consisting of a series of small plates, meant to evoke the experience of rural home cooking in Italy. Our cooking is meticulous but deeply rooted in the Italian tradition of emphasizing not the chef, but the ingredients themselves.

The restaurant is one expression of our commitment to sustainable and local agriculture. We are also vegetable growers, operating a small CSA for about thirty families. For us, growing food and operating the restaurant are two aspects of the same mission: to nourish and delight our customers with food of the freshest and highest quality.

Old Tioga Farm is not a conventional restaurant designed to maximize profit. We offer only one seating for eighteen guests, and one prix fixe menu. We invite our guests to share our expression of rural Italian home cooking as we have experienced it traveling and dining in the Italian countryside.

1432 Old Tioga Turnpike, Stillwater, PA 17878