Classic Italian Cooking in Venice 

December 2 -8, 2019 (sold out)


Venice is an international treasure equal to or exceeding any other city in the world. With a rich 1500 year history and a fish cuisine unsurpassed by any other city in Italy, Venice offers unparalleled riches to visitors. Unfortunately, Venice has been inundated by mass tourism of the most superficial nature, and this often makes a visit to the city feel more like a visit to a theme park than to a real place. Fortunately, a visit during the right time of the year and with an experienced guide makes a visit to Italy as satisfying as a visit to any other city in Italy. Our daily cultural excursions will give us the opportunity to understand the history, architecture, and ecology of this precious city.

Our accommodations for the week is Palazzo degli Angeli, a 4 story urban property in the San Marco district of Venice and just a two minute walk from the grand canal. This elegant and spacious property puts us right in the heart of the city, within easy walking distance from numerous cultural and culinary treasures.

Daily 3 hour cooking and wine classes will explore the cooking and wine not only of Venice, but other Italian regions as well. Each class concludes with a shared meal and will allow for plenty of time for the discussion and fellowship that are the proper accompaniment to good food.

Our meals out will focus on small, family-run restaurants which place good, traditional cooking above mere profits. The cooking of Venice is define by fresh fish, caught daily from the lagoon and Adriatic. The variety and quality of fish and shellfish is mesmerizing, unsurpassed by any other city in the world. As a result, this trip is appropriate for those who adore fish and shellfish of all types. The cooking of Venice is most defined by a light-handed treatment of these pristine ingredients. Some of the traditional dishes include spaghetti with clams, braised mussels, grilled whole fish, and tiramisu.

The cost of the trip is $2750, which includes accommodations, cooking classes, and restaurant meals, every major expense except for airfare. A deposit of $500 per person is due at the time of registration, with half the balance due six months before the trip and the final balance due three months before the trip.